Heal yourself, heal the world


evolutionary Astrology

A good astrology reading is better than years of therapy.  The fastest way to get to know yourself and fall in love with your own destiny.


shamanic healing

Have you ever had a shock or loss that left you feeling like you lost a part of yourself?  This is how you can get it back.


spiritual counseling

Are you going through a tough life transition?  Do you want to heal old wounds or get unstuck?  You can have all the support you need.

As a women’s empowerment coach, who has participated in years of therapy, attended many self improvement retreats, and read more spiritual and self help books than I can count, I thought I had a pretty good handle on my purpose on this planet. But I was absolutely blown away by the level of depth and accuracy I received from the natal chart reading I had done by Magali - wow! So many patterns came to light for me in a way I can’t believe I missed before. The session was worth YEARS of therapy in terms of the insights and direction it gave me. I loved it so much that I sent my husband to have his chart done as well (he loved it!) and then we even had Magali do the natal chart for my son, who was then just 1 year old. I can’t recommend Magali’s astrology services highly enough. She is both intelligent and compassionate, both grounded and connected to the wisdom above. These services are worth every single penny.
— Melanie Munir, Coach and Founder of Professional Wild Woman


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