Do you feel stuck?  Are you plagued by past trauma?  Do you want to connect to your true purpose?

I have spent the last eighteen years helping hundreds of people heal, discover just how resilient they are, and tap into their innate navigational tools.

Your soul speaks to you through dreams.
Your life purpose is embedded in your astrological chart.
There are spiritual forces that made a commitment at your birth to guide and protect you.

Wouldn’t you prefer to maneuver through life empowered with this guidance?
I can help.

This is my story.  I am Mexican and Guatemalan.  I grew up attending the best bilingual schools in Mexico City, and vacationed on my grandmother´s farm among orange groves, beehives and cattle.  I grew up between my father´s rationalist disdain of religion, and my grandmother´s Quaker brand of nature mysticism.

After a first career in languages and translation, I moved to the United States and landed in an ecovillage founded by ‘60s hippies. Living in the Pacific Northwest among the defenders of the forest, my environmental conscience was born.

Nothing felt more important than saving the planet.  It puzzled me that humans, knowing all the solutions—permaculture, water conservation, renewable energy—, can’t seem to apply them.  Overwhelmed by the daily grind, poverty, violence and oppression, many people can’t find the energy to prioritize protecting wild places and stopping global warming in its tracks.

I made a commitment to work with people first.  I spent the following years working with homeless youth, survivors of political torture, sexual abuse and domestic violence. 

The year I turned 30 I began the Master of Social Work program at Portland State University, and collaborated in founding the Trauma Healing Project in Eugene, Oregon, where I was trained by the world’s foremost experts on psychotraumatology.  Trauma theory upended old assumptions about mental illness.  Rather than ask my clients, “What’s wrong with you?” and labeling them with a mental health disorder, I asked, “What happened to you?”  I concluded that people are much more likely to be emotionally injured than mentally ill.

After graduation I worked as a psychotherapist in community mental health.  At the same time I trained as a yoga teacher and studied astrology.

Clients brought their spiritual lives into our therapy sessions:  their dreams, faith, mystical experiences. I discovered that our emotional healing can never be complete without spiritual development.

I taught yoga and meditation and started a private practice doing counseling and astrology readings.  I became a shamanic practitioner and began performing soul retrievals for clients, resulting in powerful healing from trauma and other physical and emotional issues. 

As I began to combine all these modalities to better serve my clients, I had a baby at age 42.  I have spent the last two years in the pressure-cooker of new motherhood, tempered into a better human thanks to my best teacher, my daughter Sophia.  Now more than ever I am invested in helping clients heal themselves, so that together we can heal the world.

If you want to be free from your past, heal yourself, stand in your full power, and spring into your highest destiny, call me today for a free consultation.