Evolutionary Astrology Readings

Evolutionary Astrology is astrology for the intelligent, awake people of our time. Respectful of free will, cognizant of the difference between fate and destiny, Evolutionary Astrology is a powerful tool to help you get to know yourself at the deepest level, understand and embrace your life purpose, and guide you to be the best version of you. Every reading includes beautiful color printouts and 2 audio files in CD or flash drive.

NATAL $260

A psychological theory unique to you. A thorough description of your talents and strengths, your lessons and challenges in this lifetime, as well as the purpose for which you chose to be born. If you are searching for meaning, feel a lack of direction, or struggle to accept your life and yourself exactly as you are, this reading is for you.


An in-depth review of your current developmental stage and how the moving planets will influence your life in the next two years. A helpful guide with precise timing of when specific lessons and opportunities will arise. This reading is especially helpful when you are going through a major life transition, need support navigating challenges, or want to maximize opportunities.


Begins with a concise Natal reading for both partners, followed by an in-depth exploration of where your partner is compatible with you, where s/he challenges you to stretch and grow, and a description of the essential nature and purpose of your relationship. This reading is for any two people (life partners, parent and child, business partners or best friends) who seek to solve relationship problems or deepen an existing relationship.


For people who do not live in Santa Cruz and cannot come to my office, I offer long distance astrology readings. I am delighted to announce that I can live audio-record them through the zoom teleconferencing platform.  Before your appointment I will email you all charts and materials, and send you an email link to join our teleconference through zoom.  I record the session and you have the option of receiving your audio files by email or in audio CDs by mail at an additional cost of $10 for shipping.

It’s now been about 6+ years since I had my astrology reading with Magali. I knew at the time that it was extremely powerful and informative, but it’s in looking back on it and listening to the recordings that I’ve truly discovered the impact that it had on our therapeutic work together and on my life. There are insights that keep revealing themselves, as well as intuitional hits on her part that turned out to be accurate. I would strongly recommend this to anyone feeling stuck or unclear on something, and who is not afraid to uncover truths about themselves.
- N. M.
Magali is a woman that emanates a warm, compassionate, and deeply grounded energy. I recently had the pleasure of receiving an astrology reading with her and quite frankly was amazed at her depth and breadth of wisdom within this field. I was moved by how clearly she could read so many different facets of my outer life and inner world that resonated with such truth! I appreciate how she offered me a number of profound insights and suggestions based on what she saw in my natal chart, and how her form of evolutionary astrology emphasizes free will. Being a healer who works intuitively a lot myself, I can sense how authentic and grounded she is in working with her intuition. I highly recommend her!
- Aimee Miller, LAc
Magali Morales is a fantastic astrologer. I was in town from Seattle and wanted to treat myself to a reading. From the moment I sat down I felt comfortable. She is thorough, thoughtful, intuitive and kind. I like how she combined all of her experience into my astrological chart reading (read her very impressive bio). She allowed me to talk openly about my life. I didn´t feel rushed and I feel like I gained so much insight. She was very open and has beautiful energy. The reading was in her lovely home office. I was blessed to have her end the session with a smudge of sage with an eagle feather. What a blessing. I walked away with a file folder she provided with all my charts, handouts and notes I took, and she emailed me the recorded session within the hour. Totally professional. A wonderful experience. I highly recommend her and next time I am in Santa Cruz I would love to see her again.
- Hannah Roberts