It's now been about 6+ years since I had my astrology reading with Magali. I knew at the time that it was extremely powerful and informative, but it's in looking back on it and listening to the recordings that I've truly discovered the impact that it had on our therapeutic work together and on my life. There are insights that keep revealing themselves, as well as intuitional hits on her part that turned out to be accurate. I would strongly recommend this to anyone feeling stuck or unclear on something, and who is not afraid to uncover truths about themselves. 

N. M.

Magali is a woman that emanates a warm, compassionate, and deeply grounded energy. I recently had the pleasure of receiving an astrology reading with her and quite frankly was amazed at her depth and breadth of wisdom within this field. I was moved by how clearly she could read so many different facets of my outer life and inner world that resonated with such truth! I appreciate how she offered me a number of profound insights and suggestions based on what she saw in my natal chart, and how her form of evolutionary astrology emphasizes free will. Being a healer who works intuitively a lot myself, I can sense how authentic and grounded she is in working with her intuition. I highly recommend her!

Aimee Miller, Licensed Acupuncturist

Magali Morales is a fantastic astrologer.  I was in town from Seattle and wanted to treat myself to a reading.  From the moment I sat down I felt comfortable. She is thorough, thoughtful, intuitive and kind.  I like how she combined all of her experience into my astrological chart reading (read her very impressive bio).  She allowed me to talk openly about my life. I didn´t feel rushed and I feel like I gained so much insight. She was very open and has beautiful energy.  The reading was in her lovely home office. I was blessed to have her end the session with a smudge of sage with an eagle feather. What a blessing. I walked away with a file folder she provided with all my charts, handouts and notes I took, and she emailed me the recorded session within the hour.  Totally professional. A wonderful experience. I highly recommend her and next time I am in Santa Cruz I would love to see her again.

Hannah Roberts

The home birth we had meticulously planned for our first child turned into an emergency c-section, which was just the beginning of things going differently than we expected as new parents. The most difficult part was that our son screamed inconsolably for hours every day, and nothing helped. In desperation, we reached out to Magali for a soul retrieval (shamanic healing) session in case his disturbances were in the spirit world (a concept that felt a little far-fetched to us, but we were willing to try anything.) The shamanic ritual she led the three of us through was probably the most calm we were as a family since my son was born, and the information she brought back from her journey gave us some excellent tools to use during his tantrums. He still had some screaming to get out of his system afterward, but we felt much more calm, grounded, and trusting during the storms. We highly recommend shamanic healing with Magali if you are a parent with a struggling little person to care for.

Melanie and Omar Munir

I am a young woman with a disability and I came to Magali for support with navigating chronic unemployment.  Magali helped me to recognize that society had very limited expectations for me based on my body and supported me fully in coming to terms with that, and in figuring out how to move beyond that.  I learned to accept myself more fully and feel less shame about my disability, which resulted in my ability to more effectively advocate for myself.

What I appreciate about Magali´s work is she's willing to step outside of convention in order to be effective. I also found her to be very warm and very easy to talk to openly.  I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to break out of a negative pattern. She has a way of being very honest while making you feel nurtured and supported. I would really recommend her to anyone!  

N. M.

I am a recovering addict who still struggles with the ways I learned to cope during my early childhood and adolescence.

I came to Magali for support with an eating disorder I developed in sobriety as well as issues of codependence, high anxiety and self-defeating behaviors.

Magali helped me get in touch with my values and the essence of who I truly am. She has armed me with a gripload of healthy coping mechanisms that keep my anxiety at bay and help me to walk through my feelings.

I’ve learned to love myself and set boundaries. I have gained skills which 

keep me centered and connected to the higher power I have grown to understand more deeply through my time with Magali.

My new found self confidence has resulted in my ability to make intuitive decisions and trust myself. I can now see I hurt myself when I choose to please others and ignore my own needs. I can now walk through life with my head held high. 

What I appreciate about Magali´s work is that it’s genuine. I feel completely safe and at peace when I am in session with her. She doesn't preach at me. Instead she helps me come to my own conclusions and listens to me the way I've always wanted to be listened to. Magali carries a healing spirit and wants nothing but to share the love and abundance of joy she has gained for herself through her own journey. She embodies true compassion and has completely changed my life.

I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, codependence, grief or anyone who simply wants to get to know and love themselves more deeply. Calling Magali is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Shannon E.