Shamanic Healing–Soul Retrieval

If you suffer from exhaustion, depletion, depression, anxiety, constant bad luck, lack of motivation, dissociation, and physical illness, Shamanic Healing can be of help. 

Shamanic Healing is an ancestral technique that works on both the physical and spiritual bodies, especially helpful when there has been psychological trauma, or “soul loss”: when a shock or loss has led to a loss of energy.

Healing $260

The home birth we had meticulously planned for our first child turned into an emergency c-section, which was just the beginning of things going differently than we expected as new parents. The most difficult part was that our son screamed inconsolably for hours every day, and nothing helped. In desperation, we reached out to Magali for a soul retrieval (shamanic healing) session in case his disturbances were in the spirit world (a concept that felt a little far-fetched to us, but we were willing to try anything.) The shamanic ritual she led the three of us through was probably the most calm we were as a family since my son was born, and the information she brought back from her journey gave us some excellent tools to use during his tantrums. He still had some screaming to get out of his system afterward, but we felt much more calm, grounded, and trusting during the storms. We highly recommend shamanic healing with Magali if you are a parent with a struggling little person to care for.
- Melanie and Omar Munir